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Does Your Skin Hate Winter?

Do you love winter? Does your skin?

Does everybody love winter? Well, I certainly do here in Chicago. I’ll admit I get kind of sick of it by the end of February but overall I love the snow and I love winter. The problem though is that it causes dry, flaky skin because of the drop in temperature and humidity so your skin may appear really dry and undernourished.

What does that mean? That means skin moisturizing is super critical. Whatever skin care program you’re using, please make sure that you use an all natural healthy moisturizer especially in the winter. I like the summer you can use it once a day or even up to four times a day. Your skin will thank you.  And don't forget to drink plenty of water to keep your body and skin hydrated all day long. Remember that moisturized skin equals a hydrated body!

Does Your Skin Hate Winter?



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