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Summer Skincare Routine

Summer is a time for fun under the sun, swimming, barbecuing and staying up late. 

But you don’t want your skin to feel left out. From dry, dead skin to excessive sweating, there's so many ways to make your skin healthier.  Here’s a few easy things you can do to help out your skin.

Add antioxidants into your skin-care routine. People are out more during the warmer weather which means they are exposed to more oxidative damage from the sun. Adding Vitamin C to your skin care is a great way to protect it.

Add Tretinoin to your skin care regimen. Isotretinoin and is basically still the best anti-wrinkle cream available on the market today. Unfortunately, it needs a prescription so you have to see your plastic surgeon or some physician who will need to write this prescription for you. Retinol is OK but definitely not as good. No other product has this much data.

Treatment of excessive, sweating or hyperhidrosis. Botox has one of the highest rates of satisfaction for excessive sweating. If you sweat a lot, or are embarrassed by this condition, you should definitely check it out.

Laser treatments - Photofacial to brighten up your skin and remove some sun damage and excess pigmentation is a great option. Also laser hair removal is popular so that your skin will be hairless and smooth for the summer. Laser vein removal can also help wipe away, stubborn, varicose veins, and spider veins to make you feel less self-conscious for the summer. So it's a trifecta. The one thing I will mention even though we laser all year round, you should be more careful in the summertime. If you've been exposed to the sun, and your skin is much darker than you usually are, please make sure to discuss this with your physician as it could put you at a higher risk for a laser burn and you might wanna bump back your laser treatment a week or two.

Neuromodulators and fillers - there's a reason non surgical options are so popular among all age groups.

And of course,

Sunblock - this is a must. Your skin will thank you.

Summer Skincare Routine?



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