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I. Definition:

30% of all hemangiomas are visible at birth.  The remaining 70% become visible within 1-4 weeks after birth.  Hemangiomas occur 5 times more often in females than in males and occur predominantly in Caucasians.  Low birthweight infants (less than 2.2 pounds) have a 26% chance of developing a hemangioma.

83% occur on the head and neck area. The remaining 17% appear throughout the the rest of the body (both externally and internally). In the early stages, some appear either as bluish or reddish spots or flat patches. Rarely is a hemangioma fully grown at birth.

II. Hemangioma Causes:

The cause of hemangiomas has not been determined, and neither parent should bear guilt over the occurrence or appearance of one of these birthmarks. The important thing to remember is that accurate diagnosis and early intervention is key. Hemangiomas, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small and hardly noticeable, while others are large and disfiguring.

III. Hemangioma Treatment:

Hemangiomas that are flat and appear reddish in color are called "superficial" and those that are deep beneath the skin and appear bluish in color are called "deep" hemangiomas. When a hemangioma is both deep and superficial it is called a "compound" hemangioma. The correct diagnosis is critical for proper treatment.

Hemangiomas can grow for up to 18 months and then begin a long slow regression known as involution. This involution can last from 3- 10 years. While all hemangiomas eventually "involute" the result is not always cosmetically acceptable. Early intervention has been shown to reduce the need for corrective surgery after "involution" has occurred; or to, at least, minimize extensive corrective surgeries in the future. Psycho-social scarring which occurs when a child has been forced to live with a facial deformity until "involution" has been completed can be avoided by early, aggressive intervention.

In some cases, hemangiomas can be life threatening or severely problematic (interfering with eating, breathing, seeing, hearing, speaking, etc.) and require immediate aggressive intervention. Hemangiomas that grow internally can be very dangerous. They are difficult to detect and when they are detected, the infant is often in need of immediate intervention. Internal hemangiomas (referred to as visceral) occur in the liver, intestines, airway and brain. Infants who have what is referred to as hemangiomatosis ( multiple hemangiomas) are suspect for internal lesions. When an infant has more than 3 hemangiomas, an ultrasound should be done of the entire body to rule out internal lesions. Jaundice may be a sign of liver hemangiomas, blood in the stool may be a sign of hemangiomas on the intestines and stridor (croupy cough and difficulty breathing) may be a sign of airway hemangiomas.

The treatment can involve laser, steroids (systemic or injection), surgery or doing nothing.

Hemangioma Patient Before & After Images

laser vein removal

44-year-old European fair-skinned female before and 3 months after removal of leg hemangioma with 3 laser treatments. This is a benign vascular tumor. The laser clots off the blood flowing through this tumor, and then your body gets rid of it. You might need multiple treatments because the vessels can re-open up again. This lesion can also be removed with cauterization, shaving or excision, but laser has the best result with minimal chance of scarring.

Chicago mole removal shave no scarring

28 year-old male before and 2 years after removal of 3 chest hemangiomas with 2 laser treatments. These benign vascular tumors especially the bottom one was getting irritated and chronically bleeding and bothered him a lot. There has been no recurrence.

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