About Us

Rest Assured!

We care about trying to help you get the highest quality lab services at the best prices, while also having very convenient hours and free parking a few steps right outside our door.


Our Standards

We follow all laboratory standards as set forth by OSHA as well as the CDC quality assurance guidelines.

Given the importance of laboratory test results, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Center for Environmental Health has detailed programs to help assure the quality of thesetests so patients and healthcare providers can be confident that laboratory test results they receive are accurate.

Laboratory Quality Assurance (QA) encompasses a range of activities that enable laboratories to achieve and maintain high levels of accuracy and proficiency despite changes in test methods and the volume of specimens tested. Laboratory Standardization is achieved when test results with the same high levels of accuracy and precision can be reproduced across measurement systems, laboratories, and over time. Standardization depends on a rigorous process. CDC offers customized QA and standardization programs to help laboratories improve the quality and reliability of their measurement procedures.

What People Say About Us

The patient is the center of our universe and we take their input very seriously. We value all feedback and encourage all of our patients to help us get better.

  • Jim S.,
    The best lab I have ever been to!

    "I used to go to Lutheran General Hospital to get my lab work done. I always had to wait forever and obviously, their hours were not super convenient. I walked in once to this lab and the professional level of care I received was amazing. The staff was great, the office was clean and I loved the fact they were open 8am to 8pm 7 days a week! This was great for me since I work a lot and it was always tough to go to the hospital lab when it was open. This is by far the best lab I have ever been to! I am so impressed and have told all my friends and family..."

  • Patty M,
    Their prices are so much better than anywhere else I have been in the Chicago area!

    "This place makes me happy for many reasons but the best part iis their great pricing. They are by far the cheapest lab in the entire Chicago area! When I had no insurance I always tried to be cost conscious. When I finally found work again and got health insurance. I still had a high deductible but again, they saved me because of their great pricing. They charged me $80 for what a hospital charged me $2100! I also love the fact that they are pretty much open all the time and I don't need a prescription to get my blood drawn there..."