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Most of our improvements have come from your ideas.

We are always listening and always striving to improve our lab so please give us your solution suggestions - come visit us in person, call us or just email us...

Patient Solutions

We are here to help make the world a better place.

At our lab offices, we make it a point to try to be happy. We always try to put ourselves in your shoes and continually try to improve our services on every level. Our commitment is to make our patients happy. We offer a wide variety of personalized and customized patient solutions so no matter what your unique situation is, please ask us for assitance.

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Company Solutions

  • Integration

    In today's world, any business needs to be able to communicate. Our computer systems allow us to integrate the latest software technologies. This allows us as a lab to be able to effectively and efficiently stay in touch with patients and doctor's offices.

  • Documentation

    Documentation means that you and your doctor (if you allow it) can have instant access to your specific lab results as soon as they are made available. Have a special need? Let us know and we will make sure it becomes a part of your unique record so that each time you visit us, the process will be easy and seemless.

  • Our Portal

    Our portal is a cutting edge web-based technology which means that we never have to worry about losing access to your valuable data. The company we use have a redundant and replicated system on many levels so your data is safe in our hands.