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Don't have insurance?

In today's economy, unfortunately many patients don't have medical insurance. This means they can't usually afford to get routine bloodwork or lab tests which are usually recommended by their primary care physicians.

At our lab, we offer the cheapest lab pricing in the Chicago area. This means that patients with no insurance can pay sometimes up to 90% less for lab tests compared to what cost they might incur if they had the same tests at a local hospital!

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Cutting-Edge Technology
Our lab technicians and partners have access to the latest equipment and lab techniques to help you get more accurate results as quickly as possible.
Continued Research
Our lab employees and partners are continually conducting research to help improve lab tests and results.

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Check out our competitors!

Minformation about the people who perform laboratory tests and develop new tests & testing technologies to help manage your health is common on the internet. Compare us to anyone out there and you will realize that we stand above the competition both in terms of cost as well as quality.

Billing Insurance

  • Currently, we accept most commonly billed insurance carriers (except Medicare & Medicaid). This is subject to change at any time. Certain exceptions may apply due to specific member coverage or plan. If you have any questions regarding a specific insurance carrier, please contact us anytime by phone or email.

Unique Services

Do you have a special situation or a unique circumstance?

We work with many of our patients to try and make their visit as easy as possible. Give us a call and we will try our best to work with you and your specific dilemma.

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